Chess Lessons

Chess Lessons

Chess Lessons

Did you know?

Chess is the world’s most popular game and is quickly expanding into every aspect of our everyday life. Many schools in the U.S. and across the globe have chess clubs and several countries have integrated chess into their curriculum. Although there are dozens of reasons to play chess, some of the most important are learning to solve problems, abstract reasoning, remaining calm under pressure, patience, sportsmanship, pattern recognition, strategic and creative thinking. In this hyper-competitive world, learning and mastering these skills puts chess players at a definite advantage.

Group Lessons

Join Angeleno Chess Club at our North Hollywood, Burbank or Van Nuys locations.

Private Lessons

Focused, one-one one learning experiences with International Master Levon Altounian or other  professional chess coaches.

Online Lessons

Interactive online chess lessons available for individuals as well as groups.

Chess in Schools

Work with Angeleno Chess Club to set up a chess program at your school or organization.